This is the xcrypt encryption program.

It is a very simple encryption program to encrypt data. The encrytpion used is AES 256.


Detailed instructions about downloading and compiling are in the Manual section, but to get this working all that is really required is to download the appropriate binary and run it from a command window (MS-Windows) or Terminal (LINUX).


To encrypt a file:

xcrypt key="passphrase" secretfile encryptfile

And to unencrypt it....

xcrypt key="passphrase" encryptfile secretfile


"passphrase"A phrase from which the key is generated
secretfileThe file whose contents you would like to keep secret
encryptfileThe above file encrypted



can be replaced by


where "filename" is the name of a file at least one byte long (usually longer). The contents opf this file is then used to generate the key.

There are many operands that are included in the program. For example, to include "crc" checking and checksums simply include the "crc=on" operand in the command during encryption:

xcrypt key="passphrase" crc=on secretfile encryptfile


The encryption command is identical to the decryption command, however the routine is different. The file that is created during encryption has a header on it. If this header is on the source file then it will (try to) decrypt the file, otherwise it will encrypt it. This behaviour can be overwritten by arguments described in the manual section.

The encrypted file is 32 bytes bigger than the un-encrypted one due to this header and other meta information.


Please contact me at eddy@edlsystems.com if you have any questions, fixes, etc. Please include the word "XCRYPT" in the subject line though so it gets through my spam filters.

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1.2:  26-Jan-2008 - Fixed docs, more initial bugs
1.1:  14-Jan-2008 - First bugfix (parfile operand not working)
1.0:  10-Jan-2008 - Initial Beta Release
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